For Imminent Release: New Plugin “Page View Exploder”

Hugh Hitchcock from Web Dimensions joined forces with Harlan Kilstein to bring you Page View Exploder.

This plugin will do just that, explode your Page Views.

As Harlan explains in his video,lists are very popular on the internet.

  • 6 Best Movies to See This Year
  • 8 Reasons The Yankees Will Crash
  • 12 Flavors of Ice Cream You Must Try
  • 4 Secret Tax Loopholes

Or as the HuffingtonPost did: the 13 Best Pizza Stores in America.

What the HuffingtonPost knows is that when people start a slide show, they “have” to finish it.

So instead of them getting one page view, they are getting 13 plus they get added exposure for their ads to boost their income.

Harlan stalked sites like elance, guru, and odesk, and paid hundreds of dollars to get someone to build a plugin that would do this.

They usually ended up telling Harlan that they could build the photo slider but they couldn’t get more page views.  Harlan was even told it was IMPOSSIBLE!

Fortunately for you, he’s not the kind of person who takes no for an answer.

That’s when Harlan thought about Hugh Hitchcock.  Hugh could do what was needed and as he’s a perfectionist,

Hugh has revised and improved the plugin to the point where Harlan believes it out did the HuffingtonPost.

Harlan also got his team to try and crash the plugin and they couldn’t.

Both Harlan and Hugh are amazed at what this plugin can do!

Page View Exploder is going to be available soon so don’t miss out!


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